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FreePark NYC

FreePark NYC are easy to use and FREE tools that helps you with street parking in New York City.

FreePark NYC Website

Our ASP NYC map displays all information that you need so you know when to repark your car and where to park.

This includes easy to read street cleaning signs, 7 days ahead ASP suspension alerts and a full ASP suspension calendar

FreePark NYC App

Best app to help with street parking! Know ASP rules, get reminders, share cars.

Instead of ads about paid parking garages and parking lots, we provide extended ASP alerts that help vehicle owners plan when and where to repark their car. Always know the ASP parking rules, wherever you are in NYC!

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Features include:

- ASP calendar

- Alerts : when to repark & what rules are in effect in your area

- Save your car location

- Share your car and parking location with your family and friends

- Soon, you will be able to share your parking spots with your neighbors and help your neighborhood!

The Future

In our next releases, you will be able to see free available parking spots on your block. Stay tuned!


FreePark NYC is built with Google Maps. We display updated information from the NYC government website.

Our website is powered by the fastest and most secure webserver HotMeal. The HotMeal Server is a high speed (at least 1000 non-DB transactions per second) alternative to Apache and PHP. It collects extensive statistics to fight off Denial of Service (DOS) attacks. HotMeal is made by Siber Systems.

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